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Canadian Glass Making

   by Jack Hayes


You might be interested in some research that my wife and I have carried out on Canadian glass making, and in particular some evidence as to the source of at least some Canadian insulators.

In reading an article on The Canada Glass Company's Works at Hudson on the ...                    [more]


A Few Insulators From Sweden

   by C. Herbert Barker


Below is a picture of a few insulators I picked up in Sweden while on a short trip of two weeks in late '73. They are mostly white porcelain with very small pin holes, two fence knobs from Lappland and two small radio insulators (strains) from a World War Two German barracks. (Many German troops were in ...                    [more]


Roadside Marker



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Harned:

I thought you would like to see these clippings. The article is from a 1904 Magazine which tells about the troubles of a line construction company in Abyssinia around the turn of the century.

The picture is a roadside marker along the B&O Railroad which runs ...                    [more]


Ponds Wooden Insulator



Dear Dora,

This is a picture of POND'S wooden insulator - one of the insulators featured in my new book, "UNIQUE COLLECTIBLE INSULATORS".                                                                     

...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Preferably direct porcelain news items and questions directly to Jack H. Tod, 3427 N. 47th Place, Phoenix, Ariz. 85018. All mail will be answered if reply stamp is enclosed, and the most newsworthy items and questions of general interest will be published as space permits.

...                    [more]

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