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Research Division



Dear Dora:

Ref the insulator on page 32, Aug '76 CJ, here is the light you wanted shed on the marking.

The insulator is Patent #520,602, May 29, 1894, Henry H. Luscomb, Hartford, Conn. (As you state, this patent is shown in Brown's "Unique", page ...                    [more]


Locke Specialty "pigs"



Editor's note: The "pigs" mentioned above refer to another "goodie" that changed owners at Berea. See write-up below.

This heavy, hand made sculpture created from porcelain shows nine pigs sitting around a trough. This article could have been made to be used as a desk ...                    [more]


An Encouraging Word

   by John McDougald


Hopefully my story will encourage all collectors to keep on looking for new pieces of glass. Everyone dreams of finding that one "find" for next-to-nothing. We have had our share of hoped-for dreams turn up nothing over the past four years of collecting. Today, however, was a different story.

...                    [more]


CD221 Whitall Tatum



(re the CD 221 Whitall Tatum sold by Dee Willett at Berea)

Dear Dora,

We had a great time at the Berea, Ohio, show and are looking forward to the Oroville show Oct. 23-24. I know this will also be a very good one, as it has been in the past.

The insulator you inquired about is a CD 221 Whitall Tatum Co. No. 514, ...                    [more]


Fry Glass Insulators

   by A. L. Rash


I have traveled through many states buying insulators and going to insulator shows. Many collectors have asked me to send a picture of the Fry Glass insulators to Crown Jewels so they may see them.

So here they are, described left to right:

  1. Opalescent Signal, with a bluish golden tint near the edges, longer ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Dear Jack:

I just acquired a "MERSHON TYPE" U-945 (see CJ, Nov 1975, page 31). It definitely looks to me like a Thomas item. It has the same construction and dry press innermost skirt as the U-928 BOCH made by Thomas, same white glaze, same smooth firing rests, same shape of middle bowl, same letter size and type ...                    [more]

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