1976 >> April  

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Baby Canadian Threadless

   by Jack Hayes


In his article on the Battleford Baby in Insulators, September 1972, Ren Settle, now of Ottawa, brought to our attention "that reduction in weight was a prime consideration when the line materials were ordered" for the first telegraph line in western Canada, because great distances had to be ...                    [more]


Italian Insulators

   by Sid Nelson


After working in Modena, Italy, for one year, my neighbor brought back five Italian insulators (see photo). I have been collecting insulators for five years now, and these are the first foreign ones I have encountered. All five of these insulators were found in northern Italy, not far from the foothills of the ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Dear Jack:

Per your request, I've enclosed a shadow profile and the measured dimensions of my U-975 threadless porcelain. It is a medium brown color, and note the annular groove about 2/3 the way up in the very large pin hole. The insulator appears to have been "turned" but is quite uneven in spots.

...                    [more]

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