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Finding Western Union Insulators Along the Pennsylvania Railroad

   by Edwin C. Storey


At one time telegraph companies were closely affiliated with the railroads in the regions they served. They often had offices in the railroad stations and placed their lines along the right of way. Some rented space on railroad poles, and some used their own poles.

The Western Union started with a line along the Delaware & Hudson Canal ...                    [more]





Dear Don & Dora;

You will find enclosed two letters that are self-explanatory, along with a picture. I think that Mr. Klein's letter is very interesting and that others will feel the same way.

Feel free to use any part of these letters for Crown Jewels and the picture ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Dear Jack:

As promised, here is a black-white photo of our Fred Locke "Combination Insulator" with the white-glazed top shell (see April 1976 CJ column). You'll have to admit it's spectacular.

We've also got a new Fred Locke insulator which is similar to U-529A (see ...                    [more]



   by George F. Lahm


I finally got all my Hawley insulators together for photographing and am sending several pictures.

The upper picture at the left is the Hawley toll. The one on the right has an inner skirt, which I hope shows up in the second picture. The toll with the inner skirt is mold #3 (the "3" is backwards); the other is mold #4.

...                    [more]


Research Division



This is a picture of a Hemingray 17 I found in the crawl space under a friend's house. He couldn't remember where it came from, but thought it might have been a dump in Wyoming. The finish on the insulator appears to be the typical brushed amber that Hemingray used. If you have the insulator in a ...                    [more]

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