1976 >> July  

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My Life Story

   by Bud the Blue Beehive as told to H. G. "Bea" Hyve


I've got a nice, comfortable home now and life is pretty easy. But it wasn't always so. No, back when I was a young fellow my life was not so soft. And these scars, scratches, and scrapes that you see on me now? Well, I got 'em from doing honest, hard work. Every mark brings to mind some adventure I've had in my life, ...                    [more]


How to Build Your Own Telephone Line in Eight Easy Steps

   by Alan Rodgers


No farmer, merchant, businessman or resident should be without the convenience of telephone service. Farmers can keep in touch with packers and shippers, customers with businessmen and merchants. It is available for emergencies, and enables the ladies of the community to keep abreast of the ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Dear Jack:

I was at a rummage sale and picked up a few porcelain pieces and wondered if you would have any comment on them.

The first is a small Locke, but it is marked LCCKE, This is not a marking error, but rather a badly pressed 0. There is a faint indentation closing up the ...                    [more]

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