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A True Red?

   by John D. Clark


I presume any insulator collector has had the thrilling experience of finding one or more items he or she prizes highly, more so when through their own efforts they have searched out and retrieved them.

These little adventures are the substance that spawns the delightful ...                    [more]


The New York and Erie Telegraph Company



It was essential to Mr. Smith's plans that the arrangements for the construction of the lines from Buffalo to Milwaukee should be well organized before he mooted the idea of their continuation to the seaboard by a wholly independent route. Having accomplished this he entered into a contract with Ezra ...                    [more]


Research Division



Dear Dora,

I have been given an iron insulator (see sketch below) that was dug up in a Detroit suburb. It is covered with rust and roots from being buried. Inside of skirt, I can make out the following words: 

...                    [more]


More about Early Pole Climbers



Dear Don and Dora,

I am writing in reference to the article on climbers that appeared in your May 1976 issue of the Crown Jewels.

Enclosed you will find a copy of a Patent No. 26,280 issued to a James H. McNeeley of Indianapolis, Ind. on Nov. 29, 1859. As you will note, it describes ...                    [more]

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