1977 >> January  

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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


The pricing for porcelain pin types has been completely revised in my Second Edition. Too many collectors found the former system too complicated, so it was entirely discarded. In its place is a lengthy list of all the better specific porcelains with a price (or price range) for each one. You just look up any ...                    [more]


CD 123 The E C & M Co. S.F. Insulator Display

   by Fritz Kettenburg (Alaska)


The Western Regional Insulator Show and Sale at Oroville was the scene of a history-making display of E C & M Co S.F. insulators. Ninety-five E C & M's and a cobalt "blob" belonging to eleven contributing collectors, including myself, were shown in one large display case. It was the most complete ...                    [more]


CD 206 Castle & Grading Insulators



Hi Dora,

I've had a couple of things on my mind since the Oroville Show. (Incidentally, Joanne and I enjoyed it very much, except for the unfortunate tragedy which occurred there.) First of all, maybe I can add to the general confusion surrounding the origin of the CD 206 Castle. As far as I know, ...                    [more]

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