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Research Division




I recently purchased the most interesting transposition and found not to be in Miholland's Book. A CD 201 H.G. Co., and embossed on the back is "PATENT May 2, 1883". This I have never seen before and was wondering how odd this piece could be. 
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The Yoke Wire

   by John de Sousa


The California Electrical Works was established due to the purchase of the Electrical Construction and Maintenance Company in 1878. 

The company dealt largely in wire products, telegraph poles, and insulators; however, constructing and maintaining telegraph and telephone lines also took place. 

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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Heh, Westerners, note the Show Calendar lists a Phoenix show October 30th. Don't be deceived by the sponsorship of our bottle club. It was the Beer Can and Ihsulator collectors in the area who dreamed up this show and seduced the bottle club into the work of putting on the show. Note that we have the fastest traders ...                    [more]


Rick Jones, Information Director



I was born in Dayton, Ohio, January 23, 1948. My wife's name is Chris; and we have a five month old daughter, LeAnna Dawn. We are both avid collectors. We started in 1972, but have been specializing in "exotic blues" since 1975. 

I am a firm believer in the National Insulator Association and what it ...                    [more]


John McDougald, N.I.A. President



I am thirty-three years old and work as a District Manager for Ohio Bell Telephone Company. I have been with Ohio Bell  for thirteen years. My wife, Carol, and I have two boys, David (8) and Robert (7); and we have lived in North Olmsted, a western suburb of Cleveland, for six years. 

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