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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Surely every collector is familiar by now with Dry Spot insulators and their common forms in porcelain pin types such as U-173 and U-188. I've made reference to "in line" types of Dry Spots before (not pin types), so here's more information for those interested in the subject.

...                    [more]


Whitall Tatum Co.



Ran into a reference the other day that might be of interest to our historians trying to pinpoint a date. I was reading in a biography of Bernard M. Baruch by Margaret Coit, and I quote from page 62:

"His salary was three dollars a week. It was 1889 and Bernard Baruch was ...                    [more]


CD 742.5 Battleford Baby

   by J. H. Hayes


At the Toronto Yorktown 7 Show & Sale on November 14, 1976, a little more information was added to our knowledge of the origin and existence of insulators.

Norm Banks and his brother Gord of Burford, Ontario, brought in a wood covered black glass insulator like the new Wade I reported in the April ...                    [more]


Reminiscences of an Early Day Lineman

   by Linda Peterson


(This story about Fred Koehler is copied from the June 1974 issue of Pacific Telephone Magazine under the original title "Those were the days, my friend.")

Ahh, the roaring twenties -- bootleg gin, flappers and oh, you kid! The world was young, America had emerged relatively unscathed from World War I, men were ...                    [more]


Pyrex Pictorial Essay

   by Jeffrey McCurty


I have collected insulators for six years and started specializing in Pyrex three years ago. It has been a real challenge. Although Corning-Pyrex manufactured their insulator line quite recently, from 1924-1945 (approx.), some have been very difficult to get.

I wrote a short article in April 1975 Crown Jewels describing some Pyrex ...                    [more]

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