1978 >> January  

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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Dear Jack: I picked up this unusual two-piece insulator in a junk shop in northern New York. It's dark brown in color.

I would appreciate any information you can give me on it. I also purchased the only other insulator in the shop. It is an unembossed, glass threadless, ...                    [more]


Research Division



Dear Dora: 

I wrote earlier about the aqua Baby Battleford being found at the Hamilton Glass Works site in Hamilton, Ontario, along with two pieces of other threadless insulators. The one is definitely a piece of an aqua 726, but the other is still a question. Perhaps someone has an insulator with similar ...                    [more]


"Wire In A Bottle"

   by Alan Rodgers


"Edison's first simple 'wire in a bottle' was one of the first electrical devices." 

As a collector of insulators and related electrical items, I became fascinated with old glass light bulbs.

"Fundamentally, an incandescent lamp is a simple thing -- just a wire sealed in a glass bulb with a ...                    [more]

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