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"Threadless Corner" -- JEPTHA WADE Part Two

   by Ray Klingensmith


Since writing "Part One" on Jeptha Wade, I've done a little more research on his life, coming up with even more information than I expected. Also, with the help of some generous collectors, I can put together a halfway decent representation of his insulators. Following is the ...                    [more]


Patent Pages

   by Ray Klingensmith


The Reiff

On March 27, 1883, William H. Reiff was granted a patent on an insulator. Although, to my knowledge, none of these insulators have been found, this seems to be a very good idea; and some of these may well turn up in the future. 

...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


15 & 35 KV Plastic Pin Insulators

Last month we reported on the line of plastic pin type insulators offered by Hendrix Wire & Gable Corp. This month we will give you information on plastic pin types now being marketed by Reliable Electric Company (Synthetic ...                    [more]

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