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The Skaguay Hydro Plant of Southern Colorado

   by Mel Shootman


The region served by the Southern Colorado Power Company is split by the boundary line that existed between the old Mexican state of Texas (later Republic) and the French colony of Louisiana. 

It was in this region that the fabulous Skaguay Hydro Plant was built. The Skaguay Hydro Plant was the ...                    [more]


Patent Pages

   by Ray Klingensmith


This month the featured patent is the "elusive Emminger". And elusive this insulator certainly is. It was patented by David R. P. Emminger on February 20th, 1872, being issued patent number 123,878. The patent reads " The nature of my invention consists in so constructing my improved 'insulator' ...                    [more]


Irish Insulators & English Inks

   by Otto J. Baum


Here are some pictures of insulators from Ireland, and hardware and inks from England.

#2=white porcelain spool, #3=clear CD #179.6, #4=4" hi. x 2-3/8" dia. F. P&T, #5=4" hi. x 2-7/16" dia. F.G.P.O, #6=tan porcelain 4-3/4" hi. x 3" dia. no letters, #7=wad of fiber which goes on #11 in ...                    [more]


A New Find

   by Doug MacGillvary


I'm enclosing a photo of half an insulator which might well be the rarest of all threadless. It is boldly embossed THAMES GLASSWORKS N. LONDON CT. The glass is a deep olive amber. 

This piece was from the famous Charlie Gardiner Bottle Collection that was auctioned off a few years ago. I talked to Norm ...                    [more]


"Threadless Corner"

   by Ray Klingensmith



Welcome once again to "Threadless Corner". This month the featured item is the historic U.P.R.R. And history this insulator holds. Let's start by giving a little background information on the railroad itself. In the early years of our country, vast areas of land were uninhabited. As cities grew ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Bob Reyburn (Ontario, Cal.) recently sent the photo below of two Imperial insulators in his collection. The Item A is the normal U-935 Imperial, but the Item B is a top-rest one that matches U-746 which is the proverbial "Redlands" style made by other companies in later years.

...                    [more]

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