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Apache Pass: Vital Communication Link Between East and West

   by H. G. "Bea" Hyve


What do the words "Apache Pass" mean to you? Probably not very much. To many people, it is some obscure geographical location, mentioned in countless western movies and novels. But are you aware that Apache Pass is a very real place? Did you know that over 100 years ago it played a major role in the story of ...                    [more]


Themes and Variations on a Common Insulator: The Hemingray C.D. 121

   by William C. Ogden


Some collectors might consider the Hemingray toll to be so common as not to be worth a second glance, let alone one to be collected and valued. However, I have found there is a considerable difference in color, drip points and embossing. I have four base variations, three basic color variations, and eight different ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


A Chinese Clothespin and an Australian Gold Mine 

Fellow collectors Dolores and Wayne Dixon live in Wiesbaden, West Germany, but were able to spend their vacation time in China. I was delighted to receive the following letter recently from Dolores and would like to share it with you. 

...                    [more]


Me And The 143 (#5)

   by Grant Salzman, NIA #1785


The Canadian Pacific Ry Co -- Part II 

One of the things that makes identification a problem with some 143's is that there are some names or descriptions that are quite a mouthful. We try to shorten these in conversation, but often when we do, we "lose something ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod, NIA #13


Gerald Brown (Box 1, Two Buttes, Colorado 81084) is trying to obtain more information regarding the "TEA POT" insulator as shown on Page 42 of the Supplement to his "Collectible Porcelain Insulators" book, 1974. If any reader has any info as to origin, probable ...                    [more]


"Threadless Corner"

   by Ray Klingensmith



To start this report, I find myself asking: "How can you begin to tell a story as great as this?" So I guess the most logical point would be from the very beginning of the idea to attempt the display. Three or four years ago some west coast ...                    [more]

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