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Me And The 143 (#4)

   by Grant Salzman, NIA #1785


When I went to the NIA National in Herkimer, I spotted some new varieties of 143 to tell you about, and I have also had some nice people write me about some other goodies. However, rather than talk about that now, I think that I'll wait until I've had time to get more responses to my August and September articles before I relay that to ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod, NIA #13


Dear Jack:

I recently acquired this porcelain object which is a mystery to me. It is embossed T - H. Co., a familiar name, 3-7/8" long by 1-3/4" wide, white glaze. There are four sets of 2 holes each of which one is larger than the other. It looks like these holes were used to ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Some German Insulators with a Sad Mission 

Three of the Albers clan are looking forward to another month long trip to Europe in June, 1981. This is the same type of trip I have been on before, led by Father John Brock of Jackson, Mississippi, where I went as a chaperone and each time included a ...                    [more]

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