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Message to readers about contents for this month....



"Patent Pages"

   by Ray Klingensmith



On May 6, 1890 a patent for an insulator for use with wires on telegraph or telephone poles was issued to Joseph F. Buzby of Royer's Ford, Pennsylvania. The insulator shown in the patent drawing had a top portion with a perpendicular slot in which the wire rested and a "open ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


To Spain Again

I'm waving at Jack Tod, just a few pages away in his "Porcelain Insulator News" column. He sent me the material for this month's article on Spain, based on some correspondence he had from Bill Ogden (Virginia, Minnesota). Since Bill had also called me at about the same ...                    [more]


Me And The 143 (#10)

   by Grant Salzman, NIA #1785


As promised in the last article, this column will finish up with the remainder of mold style #1D, by dealing with those 143's embossed with G.N.R., G.P.R. and STANDARD, plus some no-name types. 

G.N.R. and G.P.R. No one seems to know for sure what these ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod, NIA #13


Dear Jack: 

I'm enclosing sketches of a couple of white porcelain insulators I have. 

I found the item with the E.S.B. CO. marking about a year ago in a small dump by the railroad near my house, and I still can't visualize how it would be used. Any information on it would be appreciated. 

...                    [more]


California Glass Insulator Co.



Dear Dora:

Enclosed is a picture of the California Glass Insulator Co. that I have come across in my research of the company. So far that is all I have come up with, but I still have a few more leads to check out. Maybe some new information will come out of the woodwork yet. I thought you would like to print ...                    [more]

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