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Chester N.Y.



Hi Dora: 

Thought I would send this on. I guess no one else thought to take a picture of this at the National. On the following two pages is the message that accompanied this display.  
Tom G. Moulton                                                                                                      

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Me And The 143 (#11)

   by Grant Salzman, NIA #1785


Mr. Harvey Prentice Dwight was an exceptional man who was closely involved with early-day Canadian telegraphy. Beginning as an operator with the Montreal Telegraph Co. in the mid-1800s, he rose quickly in the organization to become their Western Superintendent. In the 1880s when Montreal Telegraph and Dominion merged with ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Insulators from Poland 

I have been wanting to write about Polish insulators for ever so long. Actually, I went to Poland in 1977 with a student group; but since we were only in that country for about a week and my chaperone duties had to claim first priority, I was only able to come home with a large ...                    [more]


the "California Connection"

   by Brent Burger


The C.D. 178 "SANTA ANA" and the C.D. 260 were CALIFORNIA's two styles of high voltage power glass. I have yet to see any mold variations within the C.D. 178 style other than short pours, which cause the insulators to rest either on the skirt or the inner skirt. This is not, in fact, ...                    [more]


"Patent Pages"

   by Ray Klingensmith


The Blackburn Patent

This month I'm writing about another of the very unusual insulators, the Blackburn patent. 

This particular invention was patented in 1893, and so far only one specimen has been found. This one was found in South Jersey many years ago by a ...                    [more]


A Rainy Day Experience

   by Jack H. Tod


Many years ago, Ron and I spent weekends "liberating" the old composition "Arizona beehive" insulators from a remote section of railroad in Arizona. Backpacking out the composition goodies wasn't difficult, but packing in the heavy Hemingray replacements we got from a distant abandoned ...                    [more]

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