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Overland Telegraph Wire



(These five pages are a reprint of the chapter "Overland Telegraph Wire", from the book AMERICAN TELEGRAPHY. sorry we have lost track of who sent it in -- we have had it a long time, and this is the first issue with space enough to include it.) 


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Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Russian Insulators 

Story time again! This one comes from Don Fiene of Knoxville, Tennessee. He first wrote to me in May 1979 to say he was beginning work on an insulator encyclopedia, had heard of my interest in foreign items, and would like to include in his book some information about my project. ...                    [more]


Me And The 143 (#12)

   by Grant Salzman, NIA #1785


Great North Western Telegraph Co.!! What a romantic name! Can you imagine the visions that this name would conjure up in the minds of the city dwellers and Easterners during the middle and late 1800's?? Wouldn't it foster pride and stir up the pioneer spirit? Unfortunately the name is no longer used, but it still exists on the ...                    [more]


Treasures From The Sea

   by Doug MacGillvary


The following article appeared in The Hartford Courant Monday morning, January 12, 1874, on page 3 in the "By Telegraph" column under the sub heading THE SOUTH:                                                       

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