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Angus S. Hibbard - Pioneer Telephone Executive and Inventor



(A reprint from the Bell Laboratories Record)

by R. B. Hill
General Staff

At a conference held by the American Bell Telephone Company in Boston in 1885, a paper was read by a young man named Hibbard, describing the methods he had followed in building ...                    [more]


Me And The 143 (#13)

   by Grant Salzman, NIA #1785


Anyone studying the past history of Canada runs into the name of Frederick Withycombe. In 1899 he patented the idea of making insulators with ridges all over them. This was not necessarily a new idea. The American inventor, Foree Bain, had patented a ridged insulator some nine years earlier, but for whatever reason the earlier product ...                    [more]


A Lighter Tone of Carnival - The Obscure TS-2 & TS 3

   by Colleen & Ken Crawford


We had the fortunate luck one day to discover three very unusual insulators near our home, two CD 142.4 3 and a CD 142 TS-2 (with just that embossing, TS-2). They were together on abandoned lines along the local ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Saudi Arabia and Israel

I want to talk about two different porcelain insulators this month, one coming from Saudi Arabia and the other from Israel. Most of this information was given to me by George Cowan of Houston, Texas, a young single fellow 24 years old, who went to work for General Electric ...                    [more]

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