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Letters to the Editor



Dear Crown Jewels, 

The photo enclosed (cover, shown below) is of a double insulator bracket that I purchased at a flea market. The embossing reads CUTTER SO. BEND IND. This might prove interesting to any of your readers that collect pins and hardware. Unfortunately I have no other information on this ...                    [more]


Dead-End Spindles

   by Kenneth Stefan


Dead-End Spindle insulators were used extensively in the United States from the early 1900's to the mid 1920's. They were designed for use in dead ending transmission lines and for use on poles which would have high tensions from the wires or cables making sharp angles, ...                    [more]


A Bees-Eye View of the Rochester Rendezvous

   by H. G. "Bea" Hyve


Rochester, New York is called the "City of Flowers". And, just as flowers delight the eye with their variety of lovely colors, so do insulators. So what a perfect setting for the 14th annual National Insulator Association Show and Sale, which was held July 8-10, 1983! 

...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


British Railway Telegraph Insulators

I must tell you about a fantastic book I have just received called Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators! It was published in 1982 by author W. Keith Neal who lives on the island of Guernsey, one of the British owned ...                    [more]


George C. Scott - The Man And The Award

   by Bob and Phoebe Adams


Who is this man? What is his award for? What does his award look like? We shall attempt to answer these and other questions about one of Florida's grandest gentlemen. Many pages could be written about him. Here are our efforts to pay tribute to a fine person.                                                               
...                    [more]

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