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Letters to the Editor



Dear Dora, 

One of the interesting things about collecting CD 121 toll insulators is the embossing variations encountered. The different AM. TEL & TEL CO. embossings would be a collection in itself. 

Prior to moving to Florida I lived in Maryland and worked for C. & P. Telephone ...                    [more]


A New Insulator For Overhead Lines



A New Insulator for Overhead Lines.

A British inventor, W. Copeland, has designed a new form of insulator for overhead lines, which he has described in a recent issue of our English contemporary Electrical Engineering, as follows:

This insulator can be used for all purposes on an ...                    [more]


The Peacock Mickey

   by Charlie Allmon


I am writing this article on January 26. Unless a person loves winter weather, it is just a lousy, rotten day! We have more than six inches of fresh snow, and the temperature is about ten degrees above zero. Many of the streets here are snow packed, or worse yet, the proverbial "sheet of ice".

...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


A Visit to Northern Europe 

We have a guest editor this month! He is Frank Shiels of Fort Worth, Texas. If you still have your copy of Crown Jewels magazine, July 1980, you can go back and read the account of his-travels through Finland. From this trip he brought ...                    [more]



   by John de Sousa


(Reprinted with permission from the January 1983 issue of "The Crown Point" newsletter by Dick & Dottie Daugherty.)

The "Otis Lightning Rod System" was most distinguishable by its insulators with its unique variations. The "Wiggle Top" (figures 1-8), as it is ...                    [more]

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