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Insulators - The Jewels Of The High Wires

   by Bruce Young and David Allsbrook


When modern man gave up on communicating by smoke, drum beats, yodeling, runners and pony express, the best means of communicating messages was by wire. Wire of necessity had to be insulated from the ground, and thus was born the insulator industry which is still flourishing ...                    [more]


I Quit -- Now What?

   by Charlie Allmon


When collectors finally decide they have lost interest in the hobby, they can be faced with a difficult decision. How should they get rid of their collection? What most individuals in this situation do not consider is that their decision can have a beneficial or detrimental effect on ...                    [more]


Lightning Rod Insulator Primer (Part 5)

   submitted by JAMES COLBURN 1616 North N St. Larke Worth, Florida 33460


This month we'll look at the BLOCK TYPE LRI, Fig. #1. The blocks have a hole which passes down through the insulator to accept the ground cable. In most cases this hole was round, but less often it was square.

Fig. #2 shows the block as mounted on a house. The block is held to the wall ...                    [more]


Letters to the Editor



Dear Dora, 

My Dad collects C.D. Pilgrim hat insulators only. That's the only insulators that the Merck Telegraph Company can use. My Dad had been walking in Wyoming since 1966.

I am 7 years old and will be in the second grade. My Dad took me to Wyoming on May 31, for my first insulator trip. ...                    [more]

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