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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod, NIA #13


Caroline and I wish to join the Crown Jewels staff and all other collectors in mourning the passing of Esta Brown on July 10, 1983. She was a pioneer in building the foundation of the insulator collecting hobby and leaves as many friends as there are collectors. 

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Letters to the Editor



Dear Dora, 

One rainy September afternoon driving north on Route 28 out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I spotted a shop on the other side of the busy four lane highway. I finally got my van stopped and found a place to park. Walking back a narrow aisle in the shop, I spotted a dirty showcase with ...                    [more]


The Rochester Extravaganza

   by John de Sousa


The 1983 National is over according to the calendar. But in our hearts and minds it will go on and on. For those of you that could not attend, the following will try and catch you up in the excitement of it all. For those of us who did attend, it will trigger many happy memories. 

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