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Message to readers about contents for this month....






Mr. W. F. Endress,
Havana, Cuba.

Dear Sir:-

In regard to the matter of danger from overhead wires, would say that we recommend to your careful perusal the July 7th issue of the "Electrical Review" which we send you today. This contains an admirable address by Prof. Anthony to the ...                    [more]


The Sterling Glass Company

   by Ray Klingensmith


For many years insulator collectors have attempted to solve the mystery of the origin of the "Sterling" insulators. Many theories were brought forth, but no positive attribution came about. It seemed very likely there was a link to the "Hawley" or Harloe Insulator Company items. Close examination of some ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


How to Remove Metal Pins from Foreign Insulators

I promised to show you insulators from Russia and Finland this month, but have decided to leave that for the next issue of Crown Jewels. At the time of this writing, Christmas is coming on like a freight train, and ...                    [more]


Cross-Arm and Pin Protector



Mr. & Mrs. Jack Snyder sent us the following article from the 1913 Telephone Engineer magazine.

Cross-Arm and Pin Protector

Indirect losses from line troubles and direct losses through repair expense on decayed pins and crossarms, amount to a considerable item. Telephone ...                    [more]

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