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Railroad Terminal Signs

   by Hans Kettenburg


These two signs were for use outside railroad terminals to direct attention to the Western Union Office in the waiting room. Sign #1 is shown in the Western Union Standard Sign Bulletin of August 1, 1925, and sign #2 is a later version (1930's or 1940s??). Note it has rounded corners.

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Telephone Almanac

   by Vic Sumner


I was most impressed with Hans Kettenburg's fine article on Telegraph Signs in the August, 1985 issue (see p. 21). In as much as he asked for additional information, I'd like to offer the following:

Western Union was to the telegraph business what American Telephone and ...                    [more]


An Amazing Story - The Miller Twin Pin

   by Mike Bruner


This is a story about two dreams becoming reality. A dream 13 years ago that became a reality for two wonderful people from northern Michigan, and a dream that became a reality for me this year.

Few people have ever seen a C.D. 138.9 Twin Pin, and for 13 years only three people ever knew a mint specimen existed. 

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Bea Lines

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve


This month it is a real pleasure to interview my favorite "mud wrestler" , Chris Hedges, or Kansas City, MO. ("Mud wrestler" is my term for a porcelain power collector). Although Chris is just a young sprout, he has been in the hobby for a long time and has a very low NIA number. ...#15. ...                    [more]


The Hemingray Factory (Muncie, Indiana)

   by Bob Alexander


About 8 years ago I had a chance to drive through Muncie, Indiana. I had been to the Hemingray dump on that trip, so on a recent visit I decided to try and locate the old factory site. The factory is located across town from the dump and was not very easy to locate. After about 1 hour of asking around, I met ...                    [more]

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