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How To Clean Your Insulators

   by Tim Robinson


I have found an easy way to thoroughly clean black coal and diesel oil smoke off insulators. I thought you readers might like to try it. It really works. I have just cleaned 30 insulators and they look as if they were just made!

The initial tip came from Marion and Evelyn Milholland's Bicentennial ...                    [more]


Nicknames, Numbskulls, and Knockers

   by Vic Sumner


In the lexicon of today's telephone world there are hundreds if not thousands of acronyms, colloquialisms and abbreviations. Confusing as they might be, they are a necessary and natural outgrowth of the times and of the uniqueness in the business. And so it has been from the beginning.

...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



I promised quite some time ago (last August!) to fill you in with some additional information about the Koolery insulator, which is pictured on page 213 of Milholland's 4th Edition of Most About Glass Insulators.

...                    [more]


How To Mount "Sombrero" Insulators To Walls

   by Dave Allsbrook


A. 3/8 inch plywood cut into a circle 6" in diameter.

B. Cut off last 4 threads from a standard pin.

C. Shave pin until shoulder of the insulator lets pin go to the bottom of the threads.

D. With pin in hold, mark for cut off, allowing 1/4" in over flush.

...                    [more]


How To Display Your Insulators

   by Robert Lloyd


Have you ever looked at a display of insulators and they looked something like this? (Fig. A)

It may have many exotic pieces, but they have very little effect. There's no organization, no theme, no symmetry; it doesn't "say" anything. It's just a mob.

...                    [more]


I Wish They All Could Be "California Girls"

   by The Beach Boys


HOT SUMMER DAY -- Hi, I'm the Pollock, or at least that's what they tell me. I gave Hay You (alias Yay Hu) a call today to finalize the plans for our trip. He seemed pretty enthusiastic about it all. Said he was gettin' house on wheels ready for the trip. All was well except the temperature gauge wasn't working. I ...                    [more]

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