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Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


As on several past occasions, it is once again my pleasure to share with you this account of Don Fiene's most recent excursion to the USSR. Herein, Don makes reference to several insulator styles, and for the benefit of those readers who do not have the current books on foreign glass and porcelain insulators, the ...                    [more]


How To Write A Good Show Report

   by H. G. "Bee" Hyve


Not everyone is a "born" writer; in fact, very few people are. Some even study the art for years, and still can't master it. So when it comes to writing a show report for Crown Jewels, many collectors simply do not know where to start.

Show reports are extremely important. They inform collectors from all around ...                    [more]


MAC's Believe It Or Not!




Believe It or Not, I finally got around to cleaning out the rolltop desk several months ago. From inside one of those tiny sort bins, a small slip of paper fell out with a name and address of an insulator collector written on it. ...                    [more]


Searching For Insulators... In Fall

   by Eric Halpin


This is the last of the four seasonal stories which will be submitted to Crown Jewels. They are based on true experiences that have occurred to the writer during the past ten years. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

Oh, how I love the autumn with the bright sunny skies and cool temperatures. ...                    [more]


Ma Bell's Place

   by Vic Sumner



How many times have you heard an uninformed person refer to an insulator as a condenser? Being at a loss to understand their confusion over the nomenclature of an item that was so commonplace, I decided to do a little digging on the ...                    [more]


Cleaning Insulators

   by Charlie Allmon


Since my article on cleaning insulators appeared in the June, 1986 issue, I have received several letters from collectors requesting answers to questions not covered in the article.

First of all, I recommended not using Brillo pads, because they are too coarse for glass. I have used this product in the past, and found superficial ...                    [more]

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