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First Day Covers

   by Hans Kettenburg


Paper collectibles make an interesting addition to an insulator collector's display. Some collectors specialize in telegraph envelopes and messages. Others collect stocks and bonds of the telegraph and telephone companies, but look at these -- First Day of Issue envelopes.

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MAC's Believe It Or Not!



One of the areas that I want to work on in Mac's "Believe It or Not" is sharing new CD's that have been assigned to new finds since the publication of Milholland's Bicentennial Edition. All of us need to have a way to find out what's out there. All contributions will be much appreciated.

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Telephone Almanac

   by Wendell Hunter - DuBois, PA


Upon seeing the picture of the Civil War telegraphers stringing wire (see p. 12, Sept., 1985), I have been moved to send in the following pictures I have had for some long time. These were in an anthology of very early books reprinted by Arno Press in the early 1970's.

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Letters to the Editor



Dear Carol,

The enclosed photos depict a CD 282 Hemingray No. 2 Provo with a rather interesting device cemented to its top. 

According to Kurtz' Lineman's Handbook, 1942 (courtesy of Chris Hedges), "the purpose of a choke coil is to prevent lightning or other high voltage ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



The three insulators shown in the photo below are each made of dark green glass, they each came from France and they are each embossed Isorex/234! Yet obviously they differ from each other in design! If it were not for our unique ...                    [more]


A Nice Way To Begin

   by Bob Goccia - Lambertville, NJ


New Year’s Day ushered in 1986 with temperatures more appropriate for early spring, creating a perfect environment in which to search for insulators. The sky was exceptionally blue and offered unrestricted vision across the fields and along the hillsides. The air was still and silent as Sou Mei and I walked along ...                    [more]


Diamond Glass Company 102's

   by Morgan Davis


Please make the following additions to the article on Diamond Glass Company 102's in the February, 1986, issue of CROWN JEWELS:                                                                           ...                    [more]

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