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Things Telegraphic At The Oakland Museum

   by Hans Kettenburg


Several years ago, while visiting family in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to visit the Oakland Museum. Doug Pruitt of Redding, California, was along, as were my brothers, Fritz and Kenny. We took the B.A.R.T. train from downtown S.F. and zipped under the bay to resurface on the other side in ...                    [more]


Searching For Insulators... In Spring

   by Eric Halpin


This is part two of four seasonal stories which will be submitted to Crown Jewels over the next year. They are based on true experiences that have occurred to the writer during the past ten years.

It had been a long, cold winter and I was eager to get back out searching for ...                    [more]


What's A C.D.?

   by N.R. Woodward


The CD (Consolidated Design Numbers) system was begun almost 35 years ago. The need for it arose from the fact that various manufacturers used different numbers to identify the same insulator: and further, sometimes a manufacturer used the same number to identify different styles at different time periods. For ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Last month, Jack Tod and I unveiled our new book, "Worldwide Porcelain Insulators -- 1986 Supplement." Can the companion book on foreign glass insulators be far behind?

Great News! The First Revision of "Glass Insulators from Outside North ...                    [more]


Microbes And Mouthpieces

   by Vic Sumner


In this high tech world of today we are witness to an endless array of scientific discoveries. Even in the biological world are we finding new and/or altered diseases. Society and governments are up in arms over such afflictions as Legionnaires disease, Herpes and AIDs.

...                    [more]


The Editor's Desk



It is hard to believe that with this issue I will conclude my first year as editor of Crown Jewels of the Wire. I've come a long way from that dining room table where it all began, but only with the help of a great number of special people. Page 1 of the magazine lists those who have done the bulk of the steady ...                    [more]


Walking The Lines

   by Tim Robinson - Easley, SC


I suppose that most telegraph lines follow railroad lines. These lines are a potential source of fine insulators, if the lines can be located and are old.

Recently I found a wonderful hard bound book entitled, Right-of-Way--A Guide to Abandoned Railroads in the U.S. The author states that it was the first book ...                    [more]


The CD-211 Brookfield Noleak D

   by Elton Gish


You must be asking, 'What is a mud collector doing writing about glass". Well, this mud collector started out collecting Brookfields and I still have a soft spot for something to sit in a window and look pretty, not that Brookfields are all that colorful. But, I do have a niche among all the mud that is reserved ...                    [more]

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