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MAC's Believe It Or Not!



One of the objectives of many new insulator collectors is to "get one of everything." I have to admit that even after I had been collecting for about two years, I still thought it would be possible for someone, even if it wasn't me, to amass a complete collection of insulators. That was about twelve ...                    [more]


Searching For Insulators... In Summer

   by Eric Halpin


This is the third of four seasonal stories which will be submitted to Crown Jewels over the next year. They are based on true experiences that have occurred to the writer during the last ten years.

A summer search is much like a winter search in that special preparations are ...                    [more]


Walking The Lines

   by Dave Kingston - Baltimore, Maryland


One warm Sunday early this year, I managed to talk Tom into going out looking for insulators. Now, Tom collects, but not seriously. We went first to a small flea market east of Baltimore and didnít find anything. We then went across the road and walked the B&O railroad since they had been replacing some ...                    [more]


Rhonda, The Heavy-Set Signal

   by H. G. "Bee" Hyve


Hi. My name is Rhonda. I'm a sage green California CD 166, and I'm a little bit overweight. But before I get started on my story, I'd just like to say something to all of you other Rhondas who may be reading this; I'm not talking about you at all.. I'm talking about ME!

...                    [more]


Bicycle or Bicycle Rack Sign

   by Hans Kettenburg


The porcelain enamel sign in your collection may be a Bicycle or Bicycle Rack Sign.

Many signs in a collection remain a mystery as to their use or purpose until, as in the above case, a company sign bulletin surfaces describing the very sign you own. In another instance, a sign is identified by use of an old photograph ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


Starting this month we will no longer use the long familiar pole line drawings for the Porcelain Corner page. These drawings have been supplied by Robert Winkler for the last several years. Robert has spent many hours making detailed drawings of various pole line construction styles from early years to the ...                    [more]


Telephone Company China

   by Jack Snyder


Lets clarify something right now, this article does not concern the telephone company in China. But rather china in the telephone company. Huh??

You know cafeteria china (and silver) used in the lunchrooms of your local phone company. In the not to distant past the phone company provided a place for employees to ...                    [more]


Varieties of Lynchburg Glass, Part II

   by Dennis Bratcher - Oklahoma City, OK


Part 2: The CD 112

As noted in Part 1, the Lynchburg Glass Company struggled to show a profit throughout its short history, in fact, struggled just to break even! One of Lynchburg's tactics for reducing overhead was to reuse secondhand insulator ...                    [more]

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