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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


Dear Elton,

I acquired an unmarked U-498 with a powder blue glaze. It has a mold line over the done and other Pittsburg features such as an unglazed pin hole and circles at the top of the pin hole. Has this one been reported?

I wrote you before about two U-625's in light blue with Westinghouse ...                    [more]


More Hunting On The "Upsidedown" Line

   by The Beach Boys


Yes, the Beach Boys have returned! For those of you who enjoyed the EC&M article in the January, 1986 issue of CROWN JEWELS, we now have another adventure to tell you about. There is a new member in the band this year. I wasn't really sure what to nickname him. At first, I thought about "Dinty ...                    [more]


The Deal Of The Century

   by Kevin Lawless


Collectors from several states in the Great Lakes region braved the elements (mainly rain) and ventured forth to Olmsted Township, Ohio (and the home of John and Carol McDougald) for the Great Lakes Insulator Swap Meet and Show on September 27. While attendance was down due to the rain and several competing ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Several weeks ago, Carol McDougald wrote to me regarding some correspondence she had with a collector who lives in Jamaica. This fellow had sent photos to her along with some background information on a glass "insulator" reportedly used on that island many years ago. An "Old Gentleman" ...                    [more]



   by Carol McDougald


If that sounds like a question your favorite Italian cousin would ask, check out the spelling one more time!! It is probably "watt" the meter reader for a local northwestern New Mexico Power Company asks Tommy Bolack of Farmington, New Mexico, on his monthly visits. You can imagine his quandary as ...                    [more]

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