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The Power Of Wishful Thinking

   by Rick Baldwin


It was the end of September, and vacation time was upon us. Berny and I were looking forward to one of our favorite trips at this time of year -- spending a few days on Cape Cod and then driving into upper New England to enjoy the Fall foliage. One stop on our itinerary was going to be at a little antique shop in ...                    [more]


The Story Of Reddy Kilowatt

   by Gene De Vaux


In January, 1934, the Philadelphia Electric Company officially adopted a little fellow who was to make quite a name for himself in the utility industry. His name was Reddy Kilowatt.

He got off to a good start. Within a few short years of his introduction to the public, Reddy Kilowatt was being used by more than 200 companies in the U.S. ...                    [more]


The Ultimate Insulator Weekend

   by Mike Guthrie


The weekend of July 31 through August 2, 1987 could be classified as the ultimate insulator weekend. On Friday and Saturday many collectors participated in the 2nd Annual Nor-Cal Insulator Club Show and Sale at Auburn, California. Despite following the National by only one week, the show had many collectors in ...                    [more]



   by Dan Klebesadal


My wife, Janet, and I had a wonderful two week vacation in Switzerland last summer and I wish to share my findings and observations with you who have an interest in foreign insulators. My foremost observations, and recommendation, is for those who love beauty to travel there. Of course, do so when the dollar is a ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Do you remember this porcelain enamel sign that was pictured on the front cover of the May, 1987 CROWN JEWELS OF THE WIRE? It belongs to Hans Kettenburg (Anchorage, AK) and was included in his article, "High Voltage & Power ...                    [more]

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