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Railroad Telegrams

   by Hans Kettenburg


Fine "go-withs" to show off with your insulator collection are telegrams. And, if you choose to specialize in railroad telegrams, the supply can be almost limitless. (Did I read somewhere that there has been upwards of ten to twelve thousand different railroad companies in the U.S.?) A good number ...                    [more]


The Patent Office - William R. Twiggs

   by Carol McDougald


When I found out that William R. Twiggs had come from Sandusky, Ohio, I decided to write to the historical society in that town and see what they could tell me about their resident. Twiggs was listed in the 1905 phone directory and was a postal carrier. (In those days, a subscriber's profession was often listed ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


Dear Elton,

My grandfather was born and lived in New Lexington so when I finally started doing some genealogical research in the New Lexington Tribune, I naturally was on the lookout for any mention of the New Lexington High Voltage Porcelain Company. The microfilm can be ordered through ...                    [more]


MAC's Believe It Or Not!



It was the first Wednesday after Labor Day (1981) and the kids were back in school, so Mrs. Mac headed for Jamie's Flea Market in nearby Amherst, Ohio. There were a lot of transient dealers set up. A good day to find some new items. Believe It or Not, on the first table she stopped to survey ...                    [more]


Ask Woody



I am most grateful to Mr. N.R. Woodward, Houston, Texas for his willingness to answer readers' questions. Mr. Woodward is the author of The Glass Insulator in America and developed the Consolidated Design Numbers identification system for glass insulators. Edward J. Trapp, a new collector from St. Joseph, ...                    [more]


The Badges Of Our Profession: Service Pins

   by Jack Snyder


What is the distinguishing mark that enables us to recognize a fellow telephone employee at a glance? "The only sure badge of the telephone profession is the one frequently worn on the lapel or bodice"...according to a 1922 Ohio Bell Telephone Co. magazine. In addition to the bodice in the ...                    [more]

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