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The 1989 Color Insert



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The Perils And Positives Of An Insulator Collector's Parents

   by Nicholas Rodnicki


It was a beautiful, late autumn day when my son and I decided to take a hike along an old deserted railroad bed. As we walked and enjoyed the wonderful scenery and cool crisp air, a glimmer of reflected sunlight caught my son's attention. After closer examination, I recognized the object as being an ...                    [more]


The Harvey Prentice Dwight Story

   by Eric Halpin


When I was preparing the article on Withycomb and his ridged insulators (August, 1987 Crown Jewels), I could find plenty of insulator patent material to discuss, but little on the man himself. This Dwight story is much the opposite, with more information on Mr. Dwight being available but little on the insulators ...                    [more]


Collecting In 1869 - An Insulator Fantasy

   by Morgan Davis


It has been an unusually warm spring, and the roads were still damp and steaming in the early morning sun. Bill McDonald huddled over in the wagon seat and watched his horse gingerly avoid the water-filled potholes. He reflected as his mare plodded towards the access trail to the Grand Trunk Railway. 1868 had ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Bill Snell and Andy Gibson are great pals. In fact, they live within two blocks of each other on the same street in Rochester, New York! In early May, 1988, Bill wrote me to share his exciting news -- he and Andy were scheduled to fly ...                    [more]


PYREX -- an answered question? ? ? ?



J. A. Peninger of Shreveport, Louisiana, wrote:

"I have a Pyrex CD 326 (p.352 of Milholland's Bicentennial Edition) and is the same as the one shown, EXCEPT the manufacturer's number is 353 (very clear on the piece) instead of 453 and on the back is a very clearly "etched" ...                    [more]

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