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Yellow California Insulators

   by Dwayne Anthony


I have noticed that within the 3 years I've been in this hobby, there seems to be a great deal of unsettled controversy over the authenticity of the YELLOW California insulators. 

We all know the purples can be "cooked" to achieve the color yellow, but are there really any authentic, uncooked yellow ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



In the December, 1988, issue of CROWN JEWELS, Editor Carol McDougald, who had attended the Sussex, New Jersey show in September, reported seeing there a broken piece of a CD 640 Gingerbread Man that David Wiecek (Spotsville, NJ) had ...                    [more]


CD 131.8, Who Are You?

   by Timothy M. Baggett


The hobby of insulator collecting is a most interesting and fascinating one. Indeed we all enjoy the hobby and the excitement whenever a new and different piece is added to our collections. However, we sometimes run into an insulator that gives us a challenge in trying to identify its origins.

...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


In the Porcelain Insulator News column which appeared in the December, 1988 issue of CJ, we asked for help in identifying the "whatisit" that looked like a mushroom. To refresh your memory, we will show the drawing of this one again. My specimen has a mottled black and tan glaze similar to Ohio Brass or ...                    [more]


CD 331 -- PYREX 701

   by Jeff Kaminski


I grew up in an area of Massachusetts where Corning Pyrex insulators were still used in fairly large quantities especially in the area west and south of Worcester, my current home. I was always fascinated with these big clear glass power insulators. I discovered hundreds of CD 323 and CD 325 along with some CD ...                    [more]


Telephone Scripophily

   by Tom Vaughn


The field of scripophily is a relatively modern addition to the growing group of collecting hobbies. It is a present fairly cheap, in my opinion, to form a worthwhile and ongoing collection of telephone paper ephemera, which would fall under the general banner of scripophily.

...                    [more]


Walking The Lines

   by Bob Harding



The Marietta and Cincinnati railroad was one of the very early railroads in Ohio. This line was started in 1841 and wound from Cincinnati on the Ohio River east to Marietta which is also on the banks of the Ohio. Much of this area ...                    [more]

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