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Boston And Sandwich Glass Company 1851-1890



Reprint of information in a Sandwich Glass reference book submitted by John deSousa. Photos by John McDougald from collections of Rick Baldwin, Dick Bowman & James Colburn.

During the early 1850's, there was a growing demand for arrestors to protect buildings from fires caused by lightning. As early as 1851, glass insulators had ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


The material presented here this month is basically a repetition of my column which appeared in the November, 1980, issue of CROWN JEWELS. So it is not new, but I have a special reason for running it again. Read on.

This fascinating account of The New Trunk Insulator, by R. M. Osborne, was ...                    [more]


The Patent Office



Patent No. 628,667 dated July 11, 1899
by Charles King and George Mead

In the early 1970's, Carol and John McDougald found two unusual insulators at a flea market. The owner said that both were found in the same pole hole where ...                    [more]


Insulators Undo The "Ugly American" Image

   by Richard Clark


A few years ago we were driving down through eastern Poland to the High Tatras of Czechoslovakia. Walking through a village we saw unused insulators well up on the side of an old railroad station, now a union hall. My question, "Can't we do something about those?" started my linguistic wife on a ...                    [more]


Telephone Signs Of Eastern Canada

   by Morgan Davis


Very early Bell sign -- one-sided blue and white. Note: LTD -- the only example I've seen. Manufactured by W. J. Woodburn and Son, Montreal, Canada.                                                                                                                                                 

...                    [more]

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