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Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club Show - New Find



The most exciting "finds" dug to date from the Brookfield dump by Alonzo Carver had their first public showing. The new owner Bob McElvaney showed two pieces which are embossed CLIMAX in large 3/8" letters. Two separate pieces were found and, although badly damaged, there was enough of each piece to ...                    [more]


Advantages & Drawbacks Of Electric Light For The Year 1882

   (Condensed and Edited by Elton Gish)


With the invention of the incandescent lamp by Edison (patented Jan. 27, 1880) not much more than a novelty in 1882, electric lighting was limited to carbon arc lamps and the Jablochkoff candle, a modern and more efficient version of the carbon arc lamp. Most lighting was from the use of gas or oil lamps. ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


As you know, Porcelain Insulator News appears in CJ every other month. Due to the recent surge in interest shown for multipart porcelain insulators, I will devote every other "PIN" article to multiparts. Perhaps the interest in multiparts has been out there all the time, but just hiding in the closet. ...                    [more]

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