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More Finds ... From Ohio

   by Bob Harding


While at the National Show in Allentown I was introduced to Dave Benko and Bill Burger from Washington. They expressed their wish to dig threadless in Ohio on their return back home, so we setup a meeting place for the Monday following the show. I took them to an early 1850's railroad that had been good ...                    [more]


Bigger and Prettier



Having noted the pictures at the end of Don Fiene's "Soviet Insulator Report, 1989" in the November, 1989 issue of Crown Jewels, I enclose a picture of a "bushing" type insulator. It is from a relay station by Boulder Dam. This is one of 12 and there are not more. It measures 55" high, 18" wide at ...                    [more]


The PYREX "Knob Top" Meets Its Bottom Half

   by Dan Wagner


Here they are. The first photographs of the top and bottom half of CD 194.5 and 195.5 together. Since the first article on the top half, nicknamed the "knob top", appeared in the November, 1987 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire, much has been learned about the insulator including the discovery of ...                    [more]


Bea Lines

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve


Which couple has two of the nicest smiles in the hobby? If you guessed Dennis and Jeanne Weber, you'd be right. And they are also the subjects of "Bea Lines" this time. These two always seem to have a smile for everyone, and Jeanne has a very happy laugh, that really brightens any place she happens to ...                    [more]


Just One More Pole...

   by Bernie Warren


Sunset comes early in South Australia the first week of September. It was only 5:30 p.m. and the sun was already well down in the trees on the horizon.

The last two days had been spent searching for the elusive CD 154 AGEE with very limited success. A few had been found but virtually all were damaged. The search ...                    [more]


"PHANTOM OF THE WIRES" Still Finds Goodies

   by Greg Hale


In the summer of 1986 I came across seven CD 114.2 Standard Glass Insulator CO. of Boston. I found them at an antique shop in Maine. The lady wanted $2.50 for each one. Boy! The old heart almost red lined at the sight of them. I bought them all! They ranged from VNM to NM. I sold six of them and kept the ...                    [more]

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