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Jarrod And Me And The Station Of Willoughby

   by Mike Bowen


Six years ago, while I was on leave of absence from the Navy, my son Jarrod and I decided to take a hike along an old section of railroad lines here in northeast Ohio. Only a few months earlier, we had found our first insulator (a Hemingray 42) along a line outside of Jacksonville, Florida, where we were ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers




If you are a long time collector and have been observant, you will recognize the insulator drawing shown below. It appeared in Jack Tod's column three different times back when he was writing "Porcelain Insulator News" ...                    [more]


The PYREX "Knob Top" -- A Follow-up

   by Steve Corfidi


I read Dan Wagner's article on the Pyrex "Knob Top" in the February 1990 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire with great interest. What a lucky guy!

I've known of the Phoenixville testing station for some time, having run across the page (below) from the Bell Telephone Quarterly (April 1939) when I was in ...                    [more]


Meanwhile in Russia...

   by Mike Tucker


A couple of articles have been written about the Trans-Siberian Telegraph Line which mostly concentrated on the North American section of the line through the British Columbia wilderness (The Collins Line). I thought it might be interesting to write a short article concerning the building of the line on the ...                    [more]

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