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Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Did you read in the April, 1990 issue of CROWN JEWELS that I was hot on the trail of more information on the Santana Ceramic Factory in Brazil? Well, one of my guardian angels (I need several) got wind of this and it wasn't long before I ...                    [more]


Ask Woody

   by N. R. Woodward


N. R. Woodward is the author of The Glass Insulator in America, 1988 Report and developed the Consolidated Design Numbers identification system for glass insulators. 

Please settle a friendly bet between two new collectors. My friend maintains ...                    [more]



   by Mr. 701 (Jeff Kaminski)


Several early New England Power Co. 66 Kv (now 69 KV) lines used large 3 and 4 part porcelain pin-type insulators I call "Porcelain 701's" because they are so similar in size to the CD-331 Pyrex 701. Several styles were used on all these lines and they are Sim-M-4330 (Locke), M-4337 (late 1940's Ohio ...                    [more]


What? O'Briens In Canada????

   by Ken Willick


The morning of October 7th dawned cool and slightly overcast, a typical morning for upstate New York. Little did we know that surprises were in store for us. Rob Lloyd of Windsor, Ontario, and I had decided to attend the Ann Arbor, Michigan Bottle Show, so we thought we'd do a little digging along the ...                    [more]

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