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Common Insulators

   by Timothy Baggett


What comes to mind when someone mentions "common insulator" to you? Well, each of us as collectors will have in our mind a particular insulator that really sticks out. To many of us, it may be the Hemingray 42. To others it may be the Pyrex CSC. The list can go on and on, but we all can associate with an ...                    [more]


West Australia Visited




A letter sharing some pictures of his fine collection was received my P.M. James of Busselton, West Australia. He described the pole in his yard as "a two piece steel pole from the overland early telegraph." The pole certainly ...                    [more]


Bill and Mike's Excellent Adventure...

   by Mike Guthrie and Bill Rohde


(also known as "The Humongous Buying Expedition" to the 1989 National Convention)

The advertisement in Crown Jewels of the Wire read, in part, "I will be starting out with an empty pickup and trailer and a pocket full of money. My ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


In the March, 1990 issue of "CJ" on page 4, we reported a U-310 with an incuse marking of a "Maltese Cross" on the bottom of the outer skirt (see photograph below). Joe Maurath of Abington, MA brought a similar style to the Allentown show for me to see with the incuse marking in the same ...                    [more]


A Pictorial History Of The Civil War Telegraph

   by Mike Tucker


While doing some research on telegraph lines in some books, I ran into sketches of the telegraph during the Civil War. We can imagine the clatter of rifle shots being exchanged; shrapnel from cannonballs flying about and the haze of gunpowder smoke and dust occluding the battlefield like a thick mist. At the ...                    [more]


Eric's Threadless Adventure

   by Eric Halpin


After several years of toying with the idea of joining a group in serious search of threadless insulators, my chance finally came with an invite from my friend Ray Klingensmith. Dates were agreed upon, air transportation arranged, equipment all obtained and packed and the wait as the big day looms near. For ...                    [more]


Has Anyone Seen This Critter?

   by Mike Tucker


While researching information on threadless insulators, telegraph companies and their lines, I came across some information in two different books (both from 1853) describing a glass block insulator which had two halves to it. These are the only references I have found pertaining to this two piece glass block. ...                    [more]

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