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"Brookfield Goes To War" Update



Regarding Larry Larned's fine story, "Brookfield Goes to War, " in the August '90 issue, we would just like to add that "Circuits of Victory", by A.L. Lavine, Country Life Press, 1921, is another must book for anyone wishing to pursue this subject further. The story also deals with the Bell ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish, NIA #41


Barry Conolly recently made a nice find in Vermont. In an abandoned substation at a marble quarry, he found two steel plates mounted on the inside wall. Each plate had two (unmarked Thomas) M-3740's bolted on them! The glaze on the top skirts were mottled tans. Below are a couple of photos that Barry took. ...                    [more]


Insulators Of Note



CD 257 "Mickey Mouse"

Introducing a new column, "insulators of note", which will appear as information is submitted regarding different glass, porcelain and multi-part insulators. These are short notes tidbits stories etc. about a certain style ...                    [more]


A Vermont Insulator Hunt

   by Barry Conolly


My story begins when my wife, Sharon, and I went on a tour of an area marble quarry. This quarry is located in southwestern Vermont and was started in the first decade of this century. Still active, the quarry covers 27 acres and is contained completely within a mountain. It is not open to the sky, as quarries ...                    [more]


Exhibiting Your Insulators At Home

   by Larry Larned


Are you faced with where to store your collection? Or how to display it? One way is to leave it in boxes -- not much fun. Another way is to spread it on the floor -- hard to see and easy to step on. Or another way is to place pieces all over the house on window sills, dining tables, kitchen counters, toilet tank ...                    [more]

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