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Bea Lines

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve


We haven't been to Utah yet for an interview, so I think it's time we went. We're talking with Ed Lowe, who lives near St. George, Utah, with his wife Dorothy. They are both friendly, nice, and very easy to talk with. Ed is the insulator collector, so we'll chat mostly with him.

...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Part V

This last chapter of our story is a fascinating one! We left Switzerland and headed south into France. At the border, since we were constantly looking up, we ...                    [more]


My CD 126 Summer

   by Roger Lucas


Gee, I love garage sales! On a warm Saturday morning I set out as usual to locate insulator bargains and anything else at a good buy. My focus was on neighborhood sales so I could cover a lot of ground without using up a lot of gas. After about a half dozen sales, I came across one where the lady was trying ...                    [more]


The Purple CD 134 - September 13, 1881 Patent Insulator

   by Joe Maurath


(The following article originally appeared in the January, 1991 issue of the Yankee Polecat Insulator Club Newsletter.)

Perhaps the most exciting insulator find reported by club members during the past year was a CD 134 lettered around its base rim: PAT SEPT. 13,'81 in purple. This beauty was discovered in an antique shop ...                    [more]


Evening News, Bridgeton, N.J. Tuesday, November 1906



An Automatic Glass Factory

Wonderful Insulator Machine Which A
Young Man Has Invented 
and Patented.

For the News.

The thrifty housewife who pours the luscious preserves into a Mason jar gives little heed in the many hours of thought and study required to ...                    [more]


Richmond Revisited

   by Dick Bowman


Earlier this year I authored an article about the big dig in Richmond, Virginia, which yielded a large number of CD 701.6 Confederate eggs, some in heretofore unknown colors. This article appeared in the May, 1990 issue of Crown Jewels.

In early February of 1991, Evelyn and I were on a premature trip home ...                    [more]


Headline: A Proposed Transparent Numbered Color Reference For Collectible Glass

   by Mark Lauckner, Mayne Island, British Columbia V0N-2J0


In November 1990, after building a spectrograph to study the color components in glass insulators (a separate article indeed), I realized the incredible need for a standard color reference for collectible glass. A quick flip through a recent Crown Jewels of the Wire proved me right... .orangish amber, sca aqua, ...                    [more]


Insulators Near Kawashkagama And Ombabika

   by Eric Halpin


This was an opportunity just too good to pass up. An offer to be a non-paying passenger on a freight run in a snow ski equipped otter aircraft supplying a remote prospectors and trappers camp. What made the trip especially appealing was its close proximity to a remote section of Canadian National tracks ...                    [more]

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