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Bea Lines

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve


Canada has so many nice collectors, so let's go back for another interview. This time we will talk with Eric Halpin, who lives in a town with the intriguing name of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Thunder Bay is on the northern shore of Lake Superior, about 500 miles due north of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Back in the late 1880's there was a joint stock company known as KERMISCHE WERK KAHLA, or the KAHLA PORCELAIN WORKS, with headquarters in Hermsdorf, Thuringen, East Germany. Its other factories were located in the towns of Gera, ...                    [more]


Coal Town In Pennsylvania Nets Great Porcelain

   by David Adams


In September 1990 my friend Ron Rath and I took a trip to the coal town area of upper Pennsylvania. We decided to leave early on Saturday morning to beat the traffic. The morning was perfect for our 2-1/2 hour drive north.

Our first stop was at a substation. We looked around and found some nice M-4612' s in ...                    [more]


The Double Threaded Insulator

   by Eric Halpin


The development of threaded pinhole insulators is a history of both man's technological tribulations and ingenuity. In the same manner that the actual electromagnetic telegraph and its operating apparatus was continually upgraded and refined, so was the parallel development of an essential component: The ...                    [more]


The Patent Office

   by Elton Gish


Patent No. 120,884 dated Nov. 14, 1871

A new two-part glass telegraph insulator has been found! It was discovered by the American Resources Group, Ltd. in Salem, Illinois while performing archaeological work for the Illinois State Museum. As you can see in the ...                    [more]


An Alaskan Mystery

   by Tom Garcia


It was December 1968 and I had just arrived at my new duty station, Eielson AFB, Alaska. What a difference! From the steaming jungles of Vietnam to the frozen snow covered tundra of "The Last Frontier," our 49th state.

In Vietnam I had been flying the Bell "Huey," which was (at the time) a ...                    [more]

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