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Insulators at the Smithsonian Institution

   by Gus Stafford


I first visited the Smithsonian Institution Museum, Washington, D.C., in search of insulators in 1991. I found a total of fourteen insulators in three separate museum buildings. Of these fourteen insulators, only three were noteworthy. In a telegraph display in the old Smithsonian Castle, there was a CD ...                    [more]


Think About It ??

   by Walt Ruedrich


It was back in 1988, when one of our fellow collectors after a long hot drive, pulled to a stop in front of a small grocery store west of the Mississippi. He was in the process of setting his parking brakes, and happened to glance at the rear view mirror. With a quickened heartbeat he almost forgot ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Part I - "Some Signs of a True Collector"

Since the use of electricity is universal, telecommunication and electrical warning signs are used in every part of the world. It seems that they have ...                    [more]

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