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First Threadless Hunt

   by Dan Kelly


The end of the work week was greatly anticipated. Planned was what turned out to the BEST vacation of my life. The plan was for me to meet Rob Lloyd and Tim Gash in Columbia City for the insulator show May 15-16. We would "do the show", then go to Canada on Sunday for a week of "CD 143 picking" ...                    [more]


A "Current" Use For Old Insulators

   by Mike Bowen


The following is an article I wrote for the "Tesla Coil Builders Association" newsletter that publishes unique information on Nikola Tesla and his discoveries, high frequency-high voltage experimentation, and other related topics.


...                    [more]


Advertising Through the Ages

   by Robert Stahr


Several issues of 1884 Electrical Review yielded some interesting advertisements for the American Insulator Company.                                                                                                      
...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


In the August 1989 issue of CJ, we discussed the unusual fog-type M-3900. A picture of a line was shown that had many of these still in service in Illinois. I have had a report that the line has been dismantled, which may explain why a number of these "tick" insulators were being traded earlier this year. ...                    [more]


Bea Lines

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve



"Bea Lines" comes of age with my next collector interview (it will be the 21st), so I though I'd write an article about the history of the column and also give a few statistics. Crown Jewels of the Wire is one of the very few ...                    [more]


GroundTrac To the Rescue

   by Dwayne Anthony


As a valuable service to your readers, I'd like to relay a recent trade transaction that thoroughly rattled the nerves of two collectors. This is a true story. Only the  names have been changed to protect the insane... oh, I mean the innocent. My purpose for sharing this agonizing incident with your ...                    [more]


Ask Woody

   by N. R. Woodward


N. R. "Woody" Woodward is the author of THE GLASS INSULATOR IN AMERICA, 1988 Report and developed the Consolidated Design Numbers identification system for glass insulators. 

The following question comes from Peter Hoffman, Mesa, Arizona

...                    [more]


The Canadian Pacific Thin-Pin

   by Mark Lauckner


As you can see from the photo below, there are two Canadian CD 143's with the raised band or "slug" plate, embossed CANADIAN PACIFIC RY. Upon closer examination one can see the insulator on the left has a smaller pinhole. The actual pin this insulator was on is pictured on the following page beside a ...                    [more]

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