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KAI & JOSH Turn Up New Treasures in France

   by Kai and Josh Colwell


In October of last year, Josh and I flew to Geneva, Switzerland to begin our first European vacation together. We had great plans for this trip, not only would we visit the beautiful Swiss Alps, but we were to embark on a cruise through the locks of southern France on the Canal du Midi. Behind all of our ...                    [more]


Can You Do Better Than That?

   by Jack Foote


How often does a dealer hear this? Far more often than most would believe. Is it a sarcastic reflection on buyer-perceived unfair pricing? Is it a thought that the buyer is more knowledgeable and merely trying to establish a "fair market" price? Or could it be no more than a friendly way to initiate ...                    [more]


CD 742 Threadless

   by Morgan Davis


I first began work on this article about three years ago. At the time of this rewrite, several conclusions I had arrived at originally were found to be incorrect. Much of my research is based upon the examination of hundreds of CD 742s in collections and on sales tables. Because so little hard evidence about ...                    [more]


The Mystery of S.S. & Co. MFG.

   by Bob Stahr


I got home from work one evening and the message light on my answering machine was blinking. It was Elton Gish asking me if! would find a few trade journal articles for him. I wrote down the information, then I called the Purdue University Library. I asked a librarian to check the computers there to see if ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers


Part II - "Insulators that share a trademark with 
other products of the manufacturer"

Several years ago, as I found myself leaning toward a specialty in foreign insulators, I began to pick up a small item here and there, such as an ash tray ...                    [more]


Avatares Del Telefono En Mexico

   by David Benedict


The following is the first of a series of articles on the origin and use of the telephone in Mexico. The articles are the result of the translation of information acquired from the book entitled Avatares del Telefono en Mexico by Fatima Fernandez Christlieb. The book was copyrighted by Teleindustria Ericsson, ...                    [more]


The Herald-Dispatch



Fire-Razed Plant Will Be Rebuilt

The Line Material Co. plant at Kenova, which was destroyed by fire yesterday ...                    [more]

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