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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


The Denver National Show in 1993 was a good show for porcelain insulators with several old classic styles showing up that were very familiar but seldom seen these days. I picked up a nice tan Imperial U-746 with Imperial "crown" logo marking, but the typical thick tan glaze made it ...                    [more]


Profiles of Insulatordom



Robert Burns McMicking was the man who brought the first public telephone service to British Columbia making Victoria the third city in Canada to enjoy the discovery.

He was of Scottish descent, but he was born in Queenston, Ontario, where his father also was born. The young McMicking was barely 18 when ...                    [more]


"A Honeymoon Tale"

   by Jarl and Karen Anderson


25 Years of Collecting

1994 - A year of celebration for the Insulator Hobby and a year of celebration for us as well. It is our 25th Anniversary and our 25th year of collecting insulators.

Appropriately, we began collecting insulators on our ...                    [more]


A Memorable Memorial Day

   by Daryl Richardson


My name is Daryl Richardson and I have been collecting insulators for almost three years now. I have been subscribing to the Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine for a little over two years. I have enjoyed reading the stories about other collectors going on digs and finding new pieces.

...                    [more]

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