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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


You may remember from November CJ that I am working on a value guide. Actually more than 20 collectors have volunteered to help by cataloging their collection so the listing of known unipart porcelain insulators in the value guide will be as complete as possible. I will name these collectors later when ...                    [more]


The Uruguayan Adventure

   by Bernard L. Warren


Easter Sunday 1994 found Jim Bergman, my collector friend and golfing buddy from Anchorage, rendezvousing with me at Miami International Airport in Florida. Jim had flown down from Anchorage while I made the drive down from Virginia and met his plane. Our nonstop, overnight flight from Miami to Buenos Aires was ...                    [more]


40 Years of Collecting...

   by Joe Maurath, Jr.


Those Were the Days, My Friend!

Iím really not exactly too sure what year it happened. Probably some time around when Elvis Presley was on the onset in becoming a legend---1954 or thereabouts, I say. Whatever year it was, I was not older than two or three ...                    [more]

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