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40 Years of Collecting...

   by Joe Maurath, Jr.


Those Were the Days, My Friend! Part II

Part I appeared in January 1995 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire.

Subsequent years were great for insulator collecting, as I will briefly highlight later in this story. Collecting activities on my behalf were conducted ...                    [more]


MAC's Believe It Or Not!

   by John "Mac" McDougald


Well, I lied a little bit when I reported in the December magazine that you would hear more "next month" about the fabulous finds at the Whitall Tatum plant. But, I'm only a month late and I thought you would appreciate seeing some of the pieces in all of their colorful splendor instead of just ...                    [more]


Uruguayan Glass Insulators

   by Bernard L. Warren


This is a continuation of "The Uruguayan Adventure" article begun in
 January 1995 Crown Jewels of the Wire

Glass insulators are known to have been produced by two major glass companies in the Montevideo area. It is the author's opinion that the Sociedad Anonima ...                    [more]

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