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The Story of the 100 Hemingray 42s that couldn't be sold.

   by Joel Goff


Heading home from a houseboat trip on Lake Powell found my dad and me wondering about the poles by the railroad tracks. A few weeks earlier we had found some crossarms lying on the ground by the railroad tracks. Thatís when we noticed that there were no wires on the pole. My mom works by the tracks so ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



This unusual looking porcelain insulator made its appearance in November of 1994 at the London, Ohio show. It has no marking of any kind. At that time, no one seemed to know anything about it, but something made me think Iíd seen it ...                    [more]


Ask Woody

   by N. R. Woodward


N. R. "Woody" Woodward is the author of THE GLASS INSULATOR IN AMERICA, 1988 Report and developed the Consolidated Design Numbers identification system for glass insulators. 

From David Whitten, Clarksville, Indiana

QUESTION: Has there been any further research done regarding the star ...                    [more]


Insulator Tips

   by Jack Snyder


dig \ 'dig, vt to break and turn
up, to remove, to excavate, 
to find out, to study, 
investigate, to unearth.

Yep!! You guessed it, Iím out digging again. The only new twist is Iím not using a shovel (like lotsa guys). Iím using my head.. whoa, I mean the ...                    [more]


Collector's Corner

   by Karen Murphy


COLLECTOR'S CORNER / Karen Murphy Mackenzie
The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, December 10, 1994

Steve Goodell's insulator research led him to discover that one of his ancestors was Ezra Cornell. Steve, a resident of Carlton Place, Ontario, ...                    [more]


40 Years of Collecting...

   by Joe Maurath, Jr.


Those Were the Days, My Friend! Part III

My pursuit for more insulator types and colors nevertheless went into full gear during the summer of 1967.

Old railway rights-of-way in my area were diligently scoured for many miles around. Very particular emphasis was given to a few lines which were recently ...                    [more]


Advertising Through the Ages

   by Robert Stahr


We now have another insulator manufacture to research! I contacted Richard Wentzel from Millville, New Jersey, to see if he could locate any more information about T. C. Wheaton. Richard, as some of you know, has all of the Whitall Tatum Company files and used to work at T. C. Wheaton, which is still in ...                    [more]

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